Important: This is quite urgent to let you know that it'll be a while for Apple to roll out the update for your region although, the update has been approved and is updated on the App store. To quickly resolve this issue temporarily, here's a workaround to have the TPControl work on your device. We suggest you to either downgrade the iOS version to its previous build or, download & install the TPControl app beta version. You may follow either one of the following methods:

Method 1: If you are to download and install TPControl Beta:
Important: There are 3 most important things that you'll need to do before you consider this option:

  1. Generate a new trial license token. If you do not already have a spare TPControl Token, please generate and use a Trial-based Token which can be generated at any time via the TPC websites Product page TRY links. To generate a new trial token---> If it is for an iPhone, click here & click 'Yes'; & if it is for an iPad, click here & click 'Yes'.
  2. Register the token on the device.
  3. Upload the design files to the device.
  4. Configure TPcontrol to use the Netlinx Controller

A TPControl for iOS development build is available which works in iOS12.To install:
  1. Copy the URL from the following link and paste into Safari browser on your target iOS device: TPControl Dev build v2.7.5.52
  2. Select the Download option from the TestFairy webpage, and select Install when prompted.
  3. Download and installation will commence on the devices Home screen, so to review progress, close the Safari browser. NOTEThe development build will install as a completely separate version called TPControl BETA on the device.
  4. Before you can launch TPControl BETA, you need to go to 'Settings > General > Device Management > Touch Panel Control' and Trust the application. Only then will you be able to launch TPControl BETA. NOTE: Similar to the App Store version of TPControl, you will need to registerTPControl BETA (e.g. via the 'Token Registration' option in Settings for TPControl BETA, as well as commission relevant Settings for connection to your AMX system. 

Method 2: If you are to downgrade iOS to its previous version:
If you have problems with TPControl crashing or any compatibility issues with iOS 12, we suggest you downgrade the iOS version to iOS v.11.x.x by following the procedure below:
NOTE:  We suggest you backup your device before you downgrade the iOS version to its previous build.

The best and safest way to roll back your iPhone to iOS 11 is through a backup, and it’s easy, as long as you made a backup before upgrading to iOS 12. Let’s look at how to restore your iPhone if you have a backup from when your iPhone was running iOS 11.4 stored on your computer.

  1. Download the IPSW file and iOS 11.4 here.
  2. Disable "Find My Phone" or "Find My iPad" by heading to Settings, then tapping iCloud, and turning off the feature.
  3. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and launch iTunes. Click on the iPhone or iPad in iTunes, then select "Summary".
  4. Hold down Option (or Shift on a PC) and press "Restore iPhone".
  5. Navigate to the IPSW file you previously downloaded and press "Open".
  6. Once the file has been installed, you will have a blank iPhone — which is where your backup comes in. In iTunes, click the "Restore iPhone button", and select your backup. Make sure it’s the right backup  & iTunes should then restore the correct backup, though it may take some time.


If you didn’t back up your device before updating to iOS 12, then there are still some options for you — though you may lose your texts in the process. If you’re fine with that, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the IPSW file for your device and iOS 11.4 here.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes, and select your device.
  3. Under Summary, press "Check for Updates" while holding down Option (or Shift on a PC). Then, navigate to the IPSW file you downloaded before.
  4. Your iPhone or iPad should then install iOS 11.4.