- TPControl is supported on multiple platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows.

- TPControl presents itself to the controller as a native touch panel utilizing the exact same IP protocol used by AMX devices; ICSP or Encrypted ICSP (eICSP).

- TPControl stores the TP4 UI design on the device, rather than being served the UI design from the master controller.

- TPControl connects seamlessly with _any_ AMX NetLinx master - there is no dependency on AMX hardware revision/firmware, nor does it require a module to be installed on the system.

- TPControl has built-in connection profile support, meaning you can seamlessly change connections between different NetLinx masters in real-time.

- TPControl supports internal loopback commands. An example of when this is particularly handy is when you are not connected to a controller and want to update/change connection based parameters i.e. AMX system connection profiles can be built directly into the user interface independent of system connectivity.

- TPControl is multi-TP4/5 file capable, providing the ability to store multiple TP4/5 design files on the device. 2 x TP4/5 file slots are provided as standard, however control can be licensed using KEYs to store any number of TP4/5 files on the device. Any file can be seamlessly selected for presentation at any time.

e.g. "TrainingRoom1.TP4", "TrainingRoom2.TP4", “Home.TP5”, “Boardroom.TP5” etc can be stored on a license.

- Many instances of TPControl can connect to a single master (exactly like native AMX touch panels). Feedback from dealers suggests that Crestron's solution can struggle to operate correctly after connecting a few instances of their application. This is likely due to the load placed on their central controller by serving UI information, rather than running as a native application on the device.

- TPControl supports all AMX TPDesign4 UI features/implementations. TPDesign5 and G5 API is also supported with majority of G4 & G5 commands and features supported with exception to HW specific commands and features.

i.e. there is no compromise for design elements when using TPControl. However, Crestron has many limitations to the design elements that can be used, forcing integrators to compromise and make alterations from original design elements.

- TPControl has full font support, including symbols.

- Touch Panel Control provides an online management service for TPControl, called TPCloud. TPCloud provides the ability to configure and deploy TPControl devices, including Registration and all configuration Settings and TP4 files required for devices to connect to NetLinx systems. Also, Deauthorization processes are provided when devices are changed from the original registered device.

Using Push Messaging, updates for TPControl can be deployed to devices anywhere globally, based on users accepting a push message notification when the update is issued by the dealer.

TPCloud quite simply can save dealers, and customers, time and money on callout charges and service calls, and streamlines the process for fault rectification.

- A Push Messaging code module (NetLinx-based) is available, allowing personalised messages/alerts to be issued from a NetLinx controller to TPControl devices, independent of the TPControl device being connected to the controller. Push Messages can be received anywhere globally that the device has a Mobile or Data based connection. Push Messaging services are maintained by Apple, Google, and Microsoft for their respective device platforms.