Please provide us with the following information:
1. What version of TPControl is installed on the device? (Settings -> TPControl -> Version)
2. What version of TPControl did you upgrade from?
3. What version of iOS is installed on the device? ('Settings -> General -> About -> Version)
4. What is the model of the device? ('Settings -> General -> About -> Model)
5. Did you also upgrade iOS on the device?
6. Are the dynamic image resources added and/or updated via NetLinx code?
a: If "yes", please provide the command output that is issued for the dynamic images.
b: If no, please provide us with the TP4 file that includes the dynamic image references. Ideally, a separate TP4 file that includes only the resources on a single page/popup-page, or your original TP4 file and description of which page(s)/popup-page(s) the references are on.
7. Are the dynamic images resources available via WAN?
a: If "yes", this is ideal as we can review directly what the problem is, coupled with the information you provide from 6 above.
b: If "no", we may not be able to determine what the problem is.

Ideally, if we can observe/replicate the effect on a device local to our development and testing environment we should be able to determine what the problem is.