Different platforms we support (iOS, Android, Windows 8/RT) have different restrictions on what network related information we have access to. i.e. iOS does not permit via public API's direct access to network information. Similar for Windows 8/RT. Android varies on the build on Android.

However, you can still derive the information you are after, by way of extracting the information through other means.

For example:
To get the device IP information: (as a replacement for 0:44 Primary Interface:IP Address and other IP information)
In NetLinx code, when the TPControl device comes online implement 'get_ip_address(data.device, )' which you can store and then parse back to TPControl in address-code buttons.
We cannot do this internally within TPConrtol due to the OS restrictions above.

To get the NetLinx master IP: (as a replacement for 0:142 Master IP)
1. Parse the result of 'get_ip_address(0:1:0, )' from code to an address_code button in your UI.

2. Parse the TPC API profile target IP for the currently active profile ('TPCCMD-0;QueryProfile')