Historically, uninstalling TPControl from a device and then reinstalling TPControl from the AppStore will automatically relicense the device with the same token (assuming the device has Internet access when you first run TPControl). Also, using the 'Verify Device' option in TPControl will at any time reapply any existing license for the device, based on matched parameters stored in our licensing servers.

However, with the advent of iOS7, Apple have removed the most accurate methods that we were previously using to positively identify hardware (which we then matched to the token). As such, the process of positively identifying matched hardware will run into problems particularly if devices are reset to factory default (restoring the profile of the same device via iTunes should restore original identifiers, but NOT if it is a different device being restored).

So, if a device does not validate with its original 'TPC Device ID' and token correctly, then you can use the 'Deauthorize by request' option available in 'TPCloud -> Tokens -> (token) -> Deauthorize', or send us a request stating the token value that you want to deauthorize, along with a reason why.

Once a token is deauthorized, you can relicense the token to any device

While you are waiting for the original Token to be deauthorized, simply register the device using a 21-Day Trial token which you can generate at any time using the TRY links on our Products pages. Then once the original token is deauthorized, you can re-register the device (either by PIN from TPCloud so you can do this remotely, or via TPTransfer).