Firstly, check if the WiFi symbol appears in the top-left status-bar for the device. Even though your WiFi connection is showing as paired, indicated with a tick symbol in 'Settings -> WiFi', the device will not have full network connectivity if the WiFi status symbol is not showing.

We also recommend that you ping the device, and likely also use a web browser successfully. However, the device is only parsing IP traffic on Port 80 which is used by web browsers. Only when the WiFi symbol is showing will all IP Port traffic be parsed correctly i.e. TPControl uses ICSP Port 1319 as per AMX standard.

So, the missing WiFi symbol problem typically occurs in closed or statically assigned IP network configurations (e.g. no DHCP server). To remedy:
1. Go to 'Settings -> WiFi' and select the ">" icon next to the network name (SSID) that your device is paired with.
2. If there is no entry in the Router field, select the 'Router' field and enter the IP address of your WAP/Router.
3. Select the 'DNS' field and enter the IP address of your WAP/Router.
4. Press the "< Wi-Fi" (back) symbol
You will likely now see the WiFi symbol in the top-left status-bar appear, next to the "iPhone"/"iPod"/"iPad" label.

Similar details in our Knowledge Base here: TPControl will not connect to the AMX NetLinx master; ‘Not Connected’ appears

Now, assuming the device is licensed and the current active TPControl profile settings are all configured correctly e.g. AMX Device ID, HOST NetLinx master IP address, and ICSP Encryption, TPControl will be able to connect to the NetLinx master.