The main reason for this is that TPControl has not been able to generate the TPCDeviceID when you first launched TPControl (i.e. no access to our servers to be issued with the ID). Recent changes required for iOS7 are contributing to this, but we are working on updates to both TPControl and TPTransfer to mitigate this in future. Until then, there are a couple of different things you can do, either of which will get you out of the woods:

1. Enable the 'Verify device' option in 'Settings -> TPControl' and relaunch TPControl while the device has internet access. This will create a TPC Device ID, which can then be positively used by TPTransfer if you are licensing/updating via TPTransfer.
2. Commission/register the device via TPCloud. Doing so will create the TPCDeviceID, register the device, and provide a means for updating/preserving content in the cloud.