The first thing to try;
- force the application closed (even if it has crashed) by double-clicking the 'Home' button on your device to bring up the recently running application list
- Then press and hold TPControl in the list until it wobbles
- Then press the '-' symbol on the TPControl icon
- Then press the 'Home' button to stop the other icons wobbling
- Now, go to 'Settings -> TPControl -> Developer Settings -> TP4 file options' and enable the 'Reprocess TP4 file' option'.
- Press the 'Home' button, and launch TPControl

Please consider the following questions:

  1. Does it now load?
  2. Is the device running the same TP4 file as the other iPads you have? You may need to consult with your programmers on this.

Although rare, it is possible that there has been a data corruption on the device, so if you cannot resolve the problem using the process above, try the following;

- Confirm with your programmers that they have configured 'Settings and TP4 file' options for the device Token (Settings -> TPControl -> Version: Token) within our online TPCloud service. If not, they can easily do so, and then upon confirming this is availableI would uninstall TPControl from the device (Press-and-hold the TPControl icon until it wobbles and press the 'X' symbol), then directly download the application from the AppStore. Once reinstalled, run it once then go to 'Settings -> TPControl' and turn on the 'PTCloud update' option, then restart TPControl and if prompted with 'Settings were changed' simply select 'OK'. Provided your programmer has configured TPCloud, your device will then return to normal operation.