TPControl uses a permanent IP socket that is fully managed and maintained by iOS i.e. iOS opens an IP socket based on TPControl raising a request to open the relevant socket on port 1319 (ICSP). iOS handles all management of the connection with the WiFi WAP/router and in TPControl, we simply highlight any connectivity issues by using the 'Not Connected' dialog. So, if there is any loss of connectivity with the NetLinx master for any reason, the 'Not Connected' dialog is presented.

1. Have you manually set the DNS field of your WiFi connection setting to the same IP address as your WAP/Router?

2. How frequently do you see the "Not Connected" dialog? Is it every 60 seconds, or at random intervals?

Can you please provide all of the following information and screenshots from your device? I have attached reference screenshots that will guide to the information we are looking to get:

3. 'Settings -> General -> About' 

4. 'Settings -> WiFi -> (SSID > blue arrow): DHCP' 

or 'Settings -> WiFi -> (SSID > blue arrow): STATIC' 

5. 'Settings -> TPControl'

6. 'Settings -> TPControl -> Manage Profiles' 

7. 'Settings -> TPControl -> Manage Profiles -> Profile 1'

8. 'Settings -> TPControl -> Manage Profiles -> Profile 1 -> ICSP Encryption'