There are a few possibilities here, please check the following:
- Is ICSP Encryption enabled on the NetLinx Master? Otherwise, we assume for simplicity that you are connecting to the same IP subnet from your device, that the AMX NetLinx system resides on e.g. 192.168.10.x.
- Ensure that WiFi is enabled on the device
- Verify the IP address of the NetLinx Master, and ensure that the "Local NI Master" settings have been configured within the device settings for TPControl:
-- for iOS, go to Settings on the device, navigate to the Apps section, then select TPControl. Edit the "Local NI Master" settings as required.
-- for Android, start TPControl, then select the device "MENU" button/option, followed by the "Settings" option. Edit the "Local NI Master" settings as required.
- Verify the "Local Port" is set to 1319 (default) or as per your configuration - usually, this stays at 1319.
- Ensure that you are using a unique "Device ID" for TPControl. All devices connecting to an NI must have unique identifiers in order to connect and operate properly. If the Device ID conflicts with another connected device, one or both devices may not connect or may work irregularly until the conflict is resolved.