There are a several causes for TPControl devices to fail connection, please check the following to ensure the TPControl device, AMX Controller and network is correctly configured:

  • Confirm the device is registered with a TPControl license. 
  • For devices with iOS14+, check that the 'Local Network' permission is enabled. iOS only
  • Ensure that WiFi is enabled on the device and is connected to the same network as the Netlinx Controller.
  • Check the TPControl connection Profile used to connect to the controller settings are correct. Settings specified below: -- Correct Host IP (Netlinx Controller's IP)
    -- The iCSP port is set to 1319 or the iCSP port set on the controller. Note: NX Controller Secure iCSP is not currently supported.
    -- The correct unique Netlinx Device ID is entered
    -- If encryption is enabled on the Controller the correct username and password are entered. 
  • Verify the Netlinx Controller is online and reachable over the network. To confirm the device can communicate with the controller over the network, open a browser on the device and enter the IP address of the Controller and confirm the Controllers web interface loads. You can also ping the device from the Netlinx controllers Telnet service.
  • If Static IP addressing is used on the TPControl device, ensure that a DNS/Gateway address is also configured. In some instances we have found using the Netlinx Controller IP as the DNS/Gateway address can resolve connection issues.

If the profile configuration settings are correct and the Netlinx Controller is reachable from the device over the network then the issue may lie with the iCSP connection over port 1319. Further troubleshooting of the network is required to determine if the device is blocked from communicating with the network on this port.