There are two licensing models:

1. License the TPControl devices (Device Licensing):

- this includes two subclasses of licensing types; Tablet (iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 8/10/RT Tablet or PC) vs Smartphone(iPhone/iPod, Android Smartphone).

When a TPControl device is licensed it can connect to any AMX control system.

2. License the AMX System (BYOD Licensing):

- When the AMX System is licensed with a TPControl BYOD license, any TPControl device (including unlicensed ones) can connect to the AMX System. A BYOD UI file can be hosted either on the AMX System or in TPCloud, which will be retrieved by the TPControl device upon connection if TPControl has not already retrieved the file.

- We do not place any restriction on the number of TPControl devices that can connect to a BYOD licensed AMX System; the only limitation is as defined by AMX in AMX Tech Note#1032, 'How many devices are supported on an AMX master?'

NOTE: TPControl devices have "File Slots". For Apple and Windows devices, you get 2 File Slots, for Android devices you get 1. File Slots permit a unique UI file to be loaded in each slot and are completely independent of the BYOD UI File Slot used when retrieving a BYOD UI file. Specifically, for licensed Apple or Windows devices (Android does not support multiple File Slots), you can increase the number of File Slots by adding TP4 File Slot keys to a TPControl Device license.