There are two licensing models:

1. Individual device license - License a single TPControl device

- this includes two subclasses of licenses; Tablet & Smartphone

- Licenses are labelled to specific platforms when purchased, however they are platform agnostic, eg. an "iPad" license can be registered to an Android tablet or Windows PC as well. 

2. BYOD license - License the AMX System.

- When the AMX System is licensed with a TPControl BYOD license, any TPControl device can connect to the AMX System without needing an indvidual device license. This is designed to be used in a system with a single control interface with multiple devices/users. 

- We do not place any restriction on the number of TPControl devices that can connect to a BYOD licensed AMX System.

- The TP4/5 panel file can be hosted either on the AMX System or in TPCloud, which will be retrieved by the TPControl device upon connection if TPControl has not already retrieved the file.