TPCURL has been available in TPControl since v2.2.0.0 (Oct 2011) when we released it along with a collection of new API commands. For more information, please refer to 'TPTransfer -> Documentation: API Commands'

The documentation contains a reference to the Wiki based on URIs as well as a demo file which includes examples of TPCURL usage. Here it is for quick reference: TPC API commands examples.TP4




'TPCURL-geo:37.786971,-122.399677;u=35' (Wiki HQ)

The trick to launching other applications is finding out firstly if they support a URI/URL (all Android apps do, but iOS apps have to specifically support). So, contacting the app vendor is the best idea if they have not published it in the documentation. 


Note: For iOS, there are no credible sources on TPCURL, URI. We did have some of the resources that were helpful earlier. However, they no longer work. The core resource was the  openurl that no longer exists. Your best bet would be to do a Google search for the finding the best resource for TPCurl, URI for iOS. 

As an example, you can use the functions within Spotify and Pandora:

  • pandora://channel_name
  • spotify://app/browse


To get the Android URL, search via a Desktop browser (not on device) for the application in Google Play and select the application for more information. You should now note in the browser address bar that the URI follows the '' statement:

e.g. TPControl =

In TPControl we have also added a custom URI; 'tpcontrol://' but not all developers add custom URI's.

Windows 8+

For a quick reference on application-specific URIs installed for the user profile, refer to the Windows Registry entry: