If the token owner wants to transfer the token:

  1. The token owner needs to login to their TPCloud account.
  2. Search for the token number on the search bar located on the top- right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the searched token number and click on the orange "Move token" button.
  4. Enter the customer's email address (the one registered to Touch Panel Control)
  5. The customer shall be notified about the move request via email.

If the 'other' person seeks the token to be transferred:

  1. The customer needs to login to their TPCloud account.
  2. Now, click on the "Request Token Transfer" and enter either the token number or the TPC Device ID in the field provided.
  3. Hit the green "Request Token transfer" button.
  4. The original token owner needs to approve the customer's request once notified.
  5. Notifications keep both parties informed during the process, including Acceptance and Rejection emails.

NOTE: When tokens are moved, Settings and TP4 file references are preserved. However, the TP4 files are not available to the recipient for Download from their TPCloud account. Only the device will receive the TP4 file when performing a TPCloud update.

In some instances we understand that the original installer of the system may not be supporting the end user and another integrator has taken over management of the system and tokens or the end user is self managing the system. If the original installer is uncontactable, reach out to the TPControl support team for assistance to move the token to an account where it can continue to be managed by the owner or integrator supporting the system.