TPControl for Windows log file location:

Windows Event Viewer - TPControl error reports
Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application : Level = Error, Application name=TPCWin8.exe

In order to review what is going on I would ask you to collect the following from the device:

1. Launch Windows Event Viewer which is available under 'Control Panel > Administrative Tools'.
2. Click on 'Windows Logs > Application'.
3. Sort the list by 'Level' by clicking on the 'Level' heading.
4. Review all available 'Error' entries with a 'Source: Application error'. You should find within the General description 'Faulting application name: TPCWin8.exe'
5. Right-click on the error list item and choose the 'Save Selected Events' option, saving the '.evtx' file to your device.
6. Send the '.evtx' file through to us for review.

If the logs prove not to be helpful, if you set up an Teamviewer ( session for us, we can remotely log into the device to review. Ideally, you would set up Teamviewer on the device with "Unattended access" and provide us with the Teamviewer ID and Password, and ensure that the device will not suspend, hibernate, or log out requiring a Windows username/password.