Please provide any of the Token values for the affected devices. The token value may be available in 'Settings -> TPControl -> Version: Token'. If there is no token, the device is not registered and will have entered "Offline mode" which will be indicated when first starting TPControl.

If you do not have the tokens, then please provide us with the UDID information. We may be able to match information from your prior registration of the devices.

Apple have removed access for developers to UDID information, which we previously used to positively identify/match registrations. We now use our own 'TPC Device ID' based on software identifiers that Apple permit us to use. However, the identifiers can change depending on how devices are installed. i.e. if you install TPControl on the device using a different Apple ID, the identifier changes. If you reset the device to factory and do not restore from a backup of it, then the identifier changes.