Upgrading the iOS version shouldn't pose any problem with TPControl post the upgrade. We recommend after performing the update, also update the TPControl application from the AppStore, in case you are not running the latest version already.

Post an iOS upgrade, is that it is recommended for you to perform a 'Settings -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings'. This is because iOS may not properly reauthenticate your WiFi profile connections. NOTE: You will need to know the wireless SSID/credentials to re-pair the device with your wireless router, after performing the reset.

If you do experience problems, we provide the ability via our website for AMX dealers/integrators to upload the TP4 file and configure Settings for any registered device. This can then very easily be applied to the device, using the 'TPCloud update' option within 'Settings -> TPControl'. This can all occur without the need for a site visit, provided your device has access to the Internet, and the dealer has configured the information.