180-Day Dealer Tokens

Auto-renewable 180-Day Dealer Tokens are available for all validated AMX Dealers and Independents, having provided their AMX Company ID and details in their TPC account profile.

When any full TPControl Token is initially added to your TPC account (either via "TPCloud -> Tokens -> Add token" or when Tokens are purchased directly via TPC), every existing 180-Day Dealer license in your account is reset back to 180 days.

To apply the update to the relevant device(s), using the built-in "Verify Device" option within TPControl Settings, or use the 'Token Registration' option.

NOTE: In order to apply the updated license information, Internet access is required during the 'Verify Device' or 'Token Registration' process.

21-Day Trial tokens

21-Day Trial tokens are generated from our Products pages. These can be extended by contacting the TPC Support Team via our HelpDesk. Please ensure that you include the reference Token value in your correspondence.