Yes. To ensure a successful transfer to a new device, confirm that you have the token ID and all Settings and UI files relevant for commissioning a new device. If you have the original device, and it is still licensed you can use the deauthorize and reassign by pin option. If you don't have the original device available, a manual deauthorization will be required. See TPControl - Deauthorization methods for further details.

Note: Registering a new device does not mean that the device will be ready to use with your AMX system, and it will need to be configured with the profile settings and UI file(s) before it will be usable with the AMX system. If the UI files and settings are stored in TPCloud, after successful registration use TPCloud update to download the profile settings and UI file. If the token is not managed through TPCloud, TPTransfer will be required to load the settings and UI file. See the following TPCloud and TPTransfer guides:

iOS TPCloud and TPTransfer guide

Android TPCloud and TPTransfer guide

Windows TPCloud and TPTransfer guide