Trial licenses are available from any of our stores product pages using the Try for free links provided.

Trial licenses provide a means of evaluating TPControl to determine if the software suits your AMX integration requirements, are available for use with any supported platform; Apple, Android or Windows on Tablet, PC or Smartphone devices.

The types of trial licenses available are:

21-Day TPControl Device license trials - use these to license Apple, Android or Windows devices.

For more information please see our TPControl products page.

60-Day BYOD TPControl license trials - use these to license AMX NetLinx control systems.

For more information please see our TPControl BYOD product page.

180-Day Dealer Tokens

Auto-renewable 180-Day Dealer Tokens are available for all validated AMX Dealers and Independents, having provided their AMX Company ID and details in their TPC account profile.

When any full TPControl Token is added to your TPC account (either via "TPCloud > Tokens > Add token" or when Tokens are purchased directly via the BUY options), every 180-Day Dealer license in your account is reset back to 180 days.

You can at any time contact TPC Support to request a trial license reset.

Buying TPControl licenses

At any time, validated user accounts can purchase Full TPControl licenses, using the BUY options available from each of our Products pages.

TPControl licenses can also be purchased directly through any validated AMX Distributor, or qualified AMX Dealer or Independent.

Full licenses can be used to replace Trial licenses at any time, prior to or after trial expiry.

For further information, please contact TPC Support.