There are 2 methods available for deauthorizing Tokens/devices, and both require having internet access.
Option 1: TPCloud
- Log in to TPCloud using the account/TPC User ID that is associated with the Token for the device.
- Locate the Token: 'TPCloud -> Tokens -> (token)' and select it.
- Select the Tokens 'Deauthorize' tab.
- Choose the Deauthorization method applicable to your situation.
e.g. if you have the old device and new device available, then choose the 'Deauthorize and reassign by PIN' option.
Option 2: TPTransfer
- Connect via TPTransfer to the original registered device.
- Use the "TPTransfer -> Tools -> Deauthorize" option, and follow the prompts.
This method will immediately update our servers, and deauthorize the Token and device.

After deauthorizing the Token, it can then be registered to a new device.
Additional information is available in the 'Deauthorizing Tokens' section of our setup guides. e.g. 'TPControl for Apple, TPCloud and TPTransfer guide