Creating video object buttons in TPDesign4 & TPDesign5

The process is the same for creating video object buttons in both TPDesign4 and TPDesign5. 

Once you have created the button that you want to display video sources in, go to the states section and under ‘all states’ set the video fill option to “streaming video”.

If you want to ingest video directly into the button, you can set the capture stream in the below ‘streaming source’ section, however you would normally achieve video ingest into the window through button programming or Netlinx programming which is detailed below. 

Programming buttons for source selection in TPDesign4 & TPDesign5

TPI-PRO uses the standard G4/G5 ^SDM command to start and stop streaming video sources.

Below is the programming configuration for a source select button. The “^SDM-1,0,tpipro://slot1” command listed in the command output is sending source video assigned to video slot1 to the video button with address code 1, in all states. The same behavior is achieved through Netlinx programming if you prefer to call the command from code.