TPI-PRO will ingest video from any UVC (USB video class) compliant  device, and any NDI source streams available on the network. Simply connect any devices that support video/audio over USB, including HDMI-USB capture devices. If you have NDI video sources, start the device so TPI-PRO can discover the stream. Launch TPI-PRO and go to settings. To access the settings menu, using your mouse pointer, press and hold for 3 seconds in the top left corner of the screen, upon release the settings menu will be displayed.

Scroll down to the ‘video capture’ section and select to enter.

Under the video device list, assign sources to the desired 'slots'. Select a slot and any available USB and NDI video sources will be shown in a dropdown list. Select the device you want to assign to that slot. Once assigned to a slot, the video source will be shown in a video button when called using the ^SDM command. More information on sending video buttons can be found here. TPI-PRO supports up to 8 video sources.

Repeat the above for audio sources under the audio device list section. Note: Audio can only be output to the PC's second display HDMI out with a video source.