TPC-TPI-PRO will ingest video from any UVC (USB video class)compliant  device. Simply connect any devices that support video/audio over USB, or connect a HDMI source using a HDMI-USB capture device to your TPC-TPI-PRO PC. Once connected, launch the TPI-PRO application  and go to settings. To access the settings menu, using your mouse pointer, press and hold for 3 seconds in the top left corner of the screen, upon release the settings menu will be displayed.

Scroll down to the ‘video capture’ section and select.

Take note of your source capture index. In the below example, my integrated webcam is Capture1. Capture2 is a laptop I have connected using HDMI-USB. Capture3 is a second external USB webcam and capture4 is a media player connected with HDMI-USB. If you want to send a source to a video object, you can use either the capture device number (eg. ‘Capture1’) or the name of the device (eg. ‘Integrated webcam’). We recommend using USB3 for ingesting video to ensure optimal video quality. TPI-PRO supports up to 8 video sources.