When you first launch TPC-TPI-PRO, the demo user interface will load and the “Not Connected” message will be displayed until you connect TPC-TPI-PRO to an AMX master. 

An AMX master connection is not required for ingesting, displaying and sending video to the second display with the TPC-TPI-PRO demo panel file. As long as the application is licensed, you will be able to perform basic video preview and display output tasks with the demo panel file. 

Once you have loaded the demo panel file, press the 'control panel' button to show the layout options and previews for your connected source devices. 

Choosing a layout and assigning sources

  1. Select your desired layout (Single, PiP, Side-by-side or Quad)
  2. Assign sources to the desired video window of your selected layout. press on the preview window for that source and a popup will give you options 1-4

Send single source to second display full screen

Press the 'Show' button and you will be presented with your available sources, select the source from the popup and the selected source will be sent to the second display (extended mode).

To obtain the latest demo panel file you can download the panel file below.