As part of the TPI-PRO feature set there are a number of TPI-PRO specific API commands that can be called to manipulate and manage video sources.


API Command



List the devices available on the PC


"'send_command 10001:0:1, 'TPCTPI-LIST'"


1:Integrated Webcam; 2:Logitech WebCam;

3:USB Video Device;




Assign video & audio sources to slots via API


SlotNumber - number from 1 to 8

DeviceName - name of the capture device. 

Same for TPISETASLOT- command to map audio sources to slots.

NOTE: List of the devices can be obtained by TPCTPI-LIST command (see above)

"'send_command 10001:0:1,'TPISETVSLOT-1,Integrated webcam'" 
Capture device commands

Commands for calling video sources to video buttons.

The below commands are to be used with the ^SDM command to send video sources to video buttons. More information on configuring and sending video sources to buttons can be found here

tpipro://slot(slot number)

Note: the capture(slotnumber):// 
command has been deprecated but is still available for existing systems.

"'send_command 10001:0:1, '^SDM-10,0,tpipro://slot1'"

The above command will send source assigned to slot1 to video button with address code 10 in all states.


Send a capture device to the 2nd PC display in extended mode as full screen. Audio can also be sent from any assigned audio device slot


"'send_command 10001:0:1, 'TPIOUT-full,tpipro://slot1,tpipro://slot2'"

The above example will send the video full screen from slot1 to the second display and audio from audio device assigned to slot2. To send no audio, remove the second slot call in the command syntax. 

Note: The 'full' line in the command denotes fullscreen. Future releases will support multi-window configurations such as PiP (picture-in-picture), Side-by-side etc. 

Remove the 2nd Video Output


"'send_command 10001:0:1, 'TPIOUT-none'"

Annotation commands 
Commands that will launch the annotation tools on specific video window buttons. 
The command to show the annotation tool is "TPISHOWA-(0)" replacing (0) with the address code of the video window button. You can close the annotation tool by pressing the close button in the toolbar or by sending command "TPIHIDEA-(0)" 

"'send_command 10001:0:1, TPISHOWA-1'" - Displays annotation tool in video window button with address code 1.

"'send_command 10001:0:1, TPISHOWA-1'" - Removes annotation tool from video window button with address code 1.