AMX Dealers are able to purchase direct from our Store website. To do so please register an account with Touch Panel Control.

While filling in the information, be sure to select the 'I have a registered AMX Company ID' checkbox, enter and SAVE your details. The AMX Company ID details will be verified with information stored at AMX, and all going well, you will be automatically issued with 180-Day Dealer tokens for each of our supported devices and platforms. Providing an 'AMX Company ID' will permit you to review pricing information, and is a requirement based on our agreement with AMX that only AMX Dealers have access to pricing information.

If you already have signed up for an account, then you can log in and edit the account details via 'TPC > My Account > account details'.

Also, with an account (AMX dealer or otherwise), you will be able to register and review tokens, upload TP4 files and change device Settings within TPCloud. You can log into TPCloud using the same login you created for the main TPC website.

You can also generate 21-Day Trial tokens for your customers' devices while they review the product, using the TRY links available on our Products page. 60-Day Trials are available for BYOD license testing.