We recommend that all holders/owners of TPControl Tokens use TPCloud for deploying new devices or updating existing ones. TPCloud provides full management of the TP4 file(s) and Settings for a Token, and also provides a method for you to organize and label tokens.
An overview of commissioning new devices using the PIN registration method is available in the TPControl for Apple, TPCloud and TPTransfer guide. Similar documents are available for Android and Windows8/RT versions of TPControl and are available from our Downloads section, or 'TPTransfer -> Documentation'
Any registered device can be updated at any time using the 'TPCloud update' option, which is available on the device within Settings for TPControl.

To configure the TP4 File(s) and Settings for the Token the device is registered to, please do the following:
- Log in to 'TPCloud' using your regular Touch Panel Control login credentials.
- Locate the relevant device Token within the 'Tokens' list, and select the device icon (avoid selecting the check-box).
- You will be presented with various tabs including; View Details, Notes, Settings and TP4 files, Deauthorize, and Push Messages.
- Select the 'Settings and TP4 files' tab.
- Ensure Profile 1 is selected under the title Assigned Profiles.
- Enter the NetLinx master IP address into the 'HOST' field.
- Enter the AMX Device ID that is defined in the AMX NetLinx code, within the 'Device ID' field.
- Select 'Save Changes'.
- Beneath 'Save Changes', within the section titled 'TP4 File Slots' you will see one or more file slot locations.
If no TP4 file has been assigned to a slot, then the option 'Select here to assign a TP4 file for this slot' will be presented.

- Press 'Select here to assign a TP4 file for this slot'. A TPCloud file-and-upload dialog named 'Choose TP4 file for token' will appear.
- Press the 'Browse PC to upload more files' option, which will present a local file navigation dialog.
- Navigate to find your locally stored TP4 file applicable for this project. When located, select it and press 'Open' which will invoke the upload process of the TP4 file to TPCloud.
NOTE: the file upload process appears in a separate file-upload window behind the 'Choose TP4 file for token' window.

- Ensure the 'All Files ()' filter is selected in the 'Choose TP4 file for token' window, and when the file-upload is complete, the file will appear in the files list.
- Select the file in the list, and press the 'Select File' option. The dialog will close, and if the 'File uploading' window is still on-screen, it can be closed by selecting the 'X'.
- The selected file will now appear within the TP4 File Slot, and a 'Clear TP4 file' option will be available. You need only use this option if you want to clear or replace the current assigned TP4 file for the slot.
- Now, at the top of the 'Settings and TP4 files' tab, options that determine what information is retrieved by the TPControl device when it performs a 'TPCloud update' are available. For everything to update, ensure that both the 'TP4 Files' and 'Settings' options are Enabled.

On the device to be updated:
1.(Apple): Go to 'Settings -> TPControl' and turn on the 'TPCloud update' option.
   (Android): Go to 'TPControl -> MENU/Settings' and turn on the 'TPCloud update' option.
   (Windows8/RT): Go to 'TPControl -> (charm-bar) -> Settings -> Advanced' and turn on the 'TPCloud update' option.

2.(Apple): Launch 'TPControl'
   (Android): Exit settings by pressing the BACK (<) option
   (Windows8/RT): Exit settings by pressing the BACK (<) option

3. If prompted with 'Settings were changed', simply answer 'OK'. The device will commence downloading all enabled Settings and TP4 File(s). Upon completion, select the 'OK/Close' option and TPControl will present the relevant TP4 file design and attempt connection based on the associated profile connection settings.