TPControl supports the ability to load multiple TP4 files onto the same device.
(Supported in TPControl for iOS and Windows 8/RT. Coming soon to Android)

As standard, any licensed TPControl device provides two TP4 file slots. This means you can load two different TP4 files onto the device, and select these via the FILE SLOT drop-down icon built into TPControls Connect using profile dialog, or using TPC API commands (refer below).
If more than two TP4 files are required, each TP4 File Slot KEY applied to Full license Tokens in TPCloud, will add another TP4 File slot that you can transfer a TP4 file to, on the device.

NOTE: The license on the device must be updated to identify the modified licensing. To update the license on the device, please do the following:
- In Settings on the TPControl device, enable ‘Verify Device’, then exit settings and return to TPControl.
- If prompted by ‘Settings were changed’ simply press ‘OK’.
- The license will be updated along with the TP4 File Slot allocation.

TPTransfer will recognise the number of TP4 File Slots available for the device, and provide these for selection prior to any file transfer.

TPC API commands:
With the inclusion of multi-TP4 file support, a new API parameter TP4FileSlot is provided for use with configuration of connection profiles. API commands can be issued either via code from the NetLinx master, or embedded in "0 - loopback port" buttons in the TP4 design file. 

The following examples show using any number of TP4 files with the same Connection Profile (1), configured to connect to different AMX NetLinx masters. Any combination of profile 1 through 5 can be used to the same effect. The examples are suitably triggered by buttons that could be stored within each TP4 file design, perhaps within an "Admin" or "Default" page.
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room1;TP4FileSlot,1;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 1
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room2;TP4FileSlot,2;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 2
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room3;TP4FileSlot,3;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 3
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room4;TP4FileSlot,4;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 4
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room5;TP4FileSlot,5;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 5
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room6;TP4FileSlot,6;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 6
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room6;TP4FileSlot,7;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 7
"'TPCCMD-1;localhost,;DeviceID,11001;ProfileName,Room6;TP4FileSlot,8;ApplyProfile;'" - Button 8

Example code and TP4 files exhibiting various API command usage, can be accessed via Page 1 of the 'TPC API commands' document. This document is also available within 'TPTransfer -> Documentation', and also from the Resources section of the TPC website.

For more information on the 'Connect using profile' dialog, please refer to 'Prompt for profile' in the 'TPControl for Apple - Device Settings' or 'TPControl for Windows8-RT - Device Settings'document.