Firstly, the token will need to be deauthorized. When you are ready to do this either let us know or raise a request via TPCloud using the 'Tokens -> (token) -> Deauthorize: Deauthorize by request' option'.

In fact, depending on exactly how you want to deploy this, you could also use the 'Deauthorize and reassign by PIN' option and provide the customer with the PIN to deauthorize the token for the old device, then the same PIN can be used to then register the new device. If you configure the 'Settings' and the 'TP4 file' for the token in TPCloud (currently I can see they are not) and ensure that the 'Enable TPCloud update' option for each option is enabled, then when the device registers via PIN it will automatically pull down the content configured in TPCloud.

If you have not tried this before, we would recommend giving it a go using a trial license on the new device. There is also an overview of registering via PIN included in our TPControl for Apple, TPCloud and TPTransfer guide. When you are comfortable with the process, ensure your old token is deauthorized which will then enable the 'Create a PIN' option to be available as described in the setup document.