The documentation and API commands for VoiceControl are included in 'TPTransfer -> Tools -> Documentation -> API commands', and options available within Settings are discussed in 'TPTransfer -> Tools -> Documentation -> (iOS/Android) Device Settings'. An example TP4 file which is referenced in the API documentation includes some simple examples to demonstrate the features.
Here is the direct link for ease of reference. 

There is little you have to do UI-wise, but coding is simply parsing the key-phrases that you want to interpret which are parsed back from TPControl as STRINGs on Port 1 of the device. So, provided you have the device declared in code, and a DATA_EVENT[dvDevice] { STRING: { } } then you will be able to review and parse the information TPControl sends back.

I believe you will find the recognition a lot of fun, and very accurate. TPControl parses back the 3 most relevant phrases based on what has been interpreted. You can then filter results and trigger code based events accordingly.

More information and a promotional video available at VoiceControl for TPControl