There are several methods available to apply for a renewed or existing license.
1. Re-registering a previously registered device.
Note: You will need to have internet access available from the device to be re-registered. Also, the device will need to have been previously registered for this to complete successfully.
If you are running TPControl v2.0.0.0 or later, then on the device navigate to "Settings -> TPControl -> Verify Device" and enable/turn on the "Verify Device" option. Then, run TPControl. You may be prompted with 'Settings were changed', to which simply press 'OK'.
All going well, a "Device successfully verified" message will be presented, and the token/license details will be applied.

2. Re-registering via TPTransfer.
Note: You will need to have internet access available from the computer running TPTransfer.
Ensure that you have the current version of TPTransfer, available from our Downloads section.
You will need to know the details of the original "TPC User ID (email)" and "token" information for the device.
TPC User ID:
Token: TPC-0-abcd-1234
Locate the device in TPTransfer, click the "Get License" icon, and enter the relevant license details. Click on 'Submit', and wait briefly for the license details to be applied

3. Re-registering via TPCloud update
Similar to the 'Verify device' process, enable the 'TPCloud update' option in 'Settings -> TPControl', and relaunch TPControl. The license will be reapplied, and if any update options are enable in TPCloud, then those will be applied to the device, including Settings and/or TP4 files