We infrequently receive similar reports for people typically running iOS10 on their Apple devices and can suggest any one of the following has previously resolved for other dealers.

- Reboot the iPad
- Reboot the Computer
- Reset the iPad Network Settings
- Pair the iPad with a different network

Other tests you can try:
- Within TPTransfer, go to 'Tools > Settings' and make sure the network adapter has a green tick symbol beside it, then go to the 'Diagnostic' tab.
- Ensure TPControl is running on the device, and type in the IP address of the TPControl device in the Network Address IP field, then;
- Press 'Start test' for the 'Ping device' test. It should pass.
- Then in turn select each of the TCP and UDP options and press 'Start test' for each test. If either test fails, TPTransfer will not be able to locate TPControl running on the iPad.

In these cases, either a network firewall running on the computer or network may be preventing port 10700 packets reaching the device.

In one case, we had a dealer send us a device that they were unable to locate in TPTransfer and the device worked perfectly in our network i.e. I did not need to do anything other than pair it with my network in order for it to be discoverable.

Alternately, if the device is licensed and continue to have trouble, an alternate option you can use is to deploy files via TPCloud.