You can download the current NetLinx Push Messaging module for TPControl here

If you are not already familiar with TPCloud, you can send Push Messages to devices directly from 'TPCloud -> Tokens -> (token) -> Push Messages'.

So, the Push Messaging module can be incorporated into code running on the AMX NetLinx control system, to trigger Push notifications to specific devices.

Please review the module notes, including API syntax, within the main AXS file. A demonstration TP4 file that replicates the TPCloud UI experience is included for convenience.

NOTE: This is a service that is similar to SMS messages for mobile, so delivery is not guaranteed. Messages are parsed to Apple/Google accordingly and they deliver (if possible) to the applicable device. Touch Panel Control are not responsible for delivery or non-delivery of messages. You can review a history of messages for devices by logging into TPCloud for the account/Token holder for the related device registration.