You can download the Android APK at any time from our Downloads page, where you will find the package in the 'Other Resources section'.

Simply browse to the link directly from your device to simplify the installation process.
The package will download to the device, and then upon selection, prompt to be installed. However, you may need to modify App or Security settings on the device, to enable installation of "Unknown sources".
Most newer devices will take you to the permission setting (upon selection) when the warning is issued. If not taken thereupon selection, the "Unknown sources" permission will be located under “Settings > Application Settings” or "Settings > Security" (or similar). If, for any reason, after enabling the permission the package does not install, then uninstall any existing TPControl build and re-install from the application download.
NOTE: Ensure you have the TPControl Token value, TPControl Settings and TP4 file information prior to uninstalling.

You can also install the APK by downloading to a PC and then copying to the device via USB. This may require drivers to be installed on your PC in order to copy the APK to your device. If you choose to go down this path, we would recommend using "AppInstaller (by FunTrigger)" ( to simplify locating APKs, installing and uninstalling applications on the device.