You have the ability to host the BYOD UI file in TPCloud for any related BYOD Token. You need not do anything from a programming perspective, as the process is built into TPControl. Effectively, when TPControl connects to a BYOD licensed AMX system TPControl will check TPCloud (if available) for a BYOD UI file associated with the BYOD Token and if located will retrieve the UI file from TPCloud. If no BYOD UI file is present in TPCloud, TPControl will revert to retrieval from the AMX System.

This method solves a couple of problems:
1. Concurrent updates for multiple devices that connect to the control system (AMX ICSP only supports one file transfer, whereas TPCloud supports virtually unlimited transfers at the same time).

2. AMX ICSP file transfer timeouts which may be the result of AMX system load or other factors beyond our control.

If you log into your TPCloud account, you will note options available for each BYOD Token, including an 'Assign BYOD UI file' option.