If you need to provide different format UI files, we suggest considering the highest likely resolution to be the base format for your UI file, and then create a hybrid file that includes both Tablet and Smartphone format designs. For example, if you choose to create a 1024x768 template for Tablets (iPad), then you can always include pages and popup pages with oversized buttons for Smartphones, which in turn scale-down to fit within the real-estate available on those smaller devices. The compromise here is that the format remains landscape or portrait based on the template you choose to base your design on. We have an example file Tablet Smartphone hybrid TP4 file that demonstrates this method, available via our 
Downloads page.

Also, you can still manually transfer UI files if you absolutely need an alternate file from that hosted on the control system. TPControl for Apple provides 2 x UI File Slots and Android provides 1 x UI File Slot. These are completely independent of the File Slot used by any retrieved BYOD files. You can recall any File Slot, including the current BYOD file slot using our "TP4FileSlot" API command (refer to TPControl - API Commands for more information, and our TPC API Profile examples.TP4 example demonstrates usage).