The first question would be, do you have a copy of, or access to, the original AMX software commissioned for your home? This should be available via the original AMX Integrator/Programmer who commissioned your home. If any changes/updates to the AMX system are required, having the original source-code for your system is mandatory. Otherwise, an AMX programmer will need to recommission the system. Also, do you have the Audio-visual and Control schematics for your system? Depending on the complexity of your system, these are also a preferred resource, particularly as these tell the programmer how the AV system and AMX system were originally designed to interconnect.

In order to use TPControl for iPad/iPhone with your system, it is extremely simple to integrate, but is recommended to be done by an AMX dealer/programmer. If you have an existing WiFi network (if you have any wireless AMX touch panels, then an existing WiFi network should be in place), then the iPads will use the same network to connect to the AMX system. Any existing AMX touch panel file (TP4 file) that exists for your system can be loaded into TPControl using our licensing and transfer program "TPTransfer".

TPControl can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore for free, but in order to use it with your system, a TPControl license is required. We do provide, upon registration, 21-Day Trial licenses for free, but after the trial period a "Full license" will be required to continue operation. Full licenses are available from an AMX integrator. Costs associated with the license may vary depending on the AMX integrator and any commissioning services they charge for.

If you do not have an AMX programmer/integrator, the best step would be to contact AMX US HQ, and request a list of available dealers local to you. AMX's contact details are:

Sales and Support: 800.222.0193 or 469.624.8000 (