Licenses that are purchased via the AMX distribution network are initially not tied to an account, but to associate the tokens with your account, please follow this procedure:
- Log in to your TPCloud account at
- Ensure the 'Tokens' tab is selected.
At the top of the Tokens list you will find an option called 'Add Token'
- Press the 'Add Token' button.
- In the "Distributor Token" field, enter the Token value to be added to the account. This will typically begin with "TPC-1-", followed by a series of alpha-characters.
- Optionally, for reference, any applicable information may be entered in the "Purchase Order/Reference" field.
- Press the “Add Token” button to complete the account/token association process.
If valid, the token will appear in the list of Tokens displayed for the account. If the token is already associated/registered to another users account, a suitable warning message will be displayed.