Please provide the following information:
1. The compiled NetLinx TKN file
2. The TP4 | TP5 file (unprotected, zipped/compressed or alternately upload to Dropbox/Google Drive or similar and provide a link to download)
3. The AMX Device ID used in code for the TPControl device
4. The Version value from 'Settings > General > About'
5. The Model value from 'Settings > General > Model'
6. The Version value from 'Settings > TPControl'
7. A step-by-step button navigation method required to produce the result/issue you are reporting

If in order to review, the code is dependent on connection with specific hardware (e.g. Media servers, Lighting systems, etc for specific feedback related to the issue), then we will need the following:

8. A complete time-stamped command output log file for all ports/levels etc commands issued to the device. You can generate this by enabling and capturing relevant Notification within NetLinx Studio > Diagnostics.