That depends on your credentials- a dealer or, an end user. Although changing to a new device is a relatively simple process, there are resources required and information that the original integrator will have, and may have configured for the Token in our online service that will make this process more simple.

In any case, you will need to know the Token for your current iPad device. Check the value by reviewing 'Settings -> TPControl -> Version: Token' on the iPad.

Once you have the Token, do you also know the account/TPC User ID that the token was registered to originally? If not, we can review this based on the Token information you can provide.

So, please let us know if you have any or all of the information: Token and TPC User ID. Alternately, please contact your AMX integrator as they will be able to assist, and can deploy this as an update for you using our online service, TPCloud i.e. no need for a site visit, provided your devices have access to the Internet.