1. Assuming that you no longer want [User A] to have access to their account, and assuming you capture/manage any email content directed to their email, you can request a password reset for the TPC account (via our Forgot Your Password? page). With the reset password, you can then log into the TPC account.

2. If you then wanted to migrate all of [User A] account and Tokens to a new account and assuming that account does not already exist, then you could log into [User A]'s account and go to 'TPC > My Account > Profile' and change the email address to the new email. We send a validation email to the new email address and upon validation, the account will migrate all content/tokens etc across to the new account.


3. [User B] can independently Register a TPC account and when doing so check the 'I have a registered AMX Company ID' option and enter the relevant details. With a validated 'AMX Company ID' they will automatically be issued with 180-Day Dealer tokens.


4. You can log into [User A]'s account at TPCloud and manually move any "Full license" classified tokens using the 'Move Token' option available for each token in 'TPCloud > Tokens > (token) > View Details'.
NOTE: You cannot move trial-based tokens, such as 180-Day Dealer tokens.