Please provide us with the device UDID. There are a couple of ways to do this. You could download from the AppStore a free 'UDID Tool', or perhaps more simple use iTunes. Within iTunes, select the device under the “Devices” heading, and then in the Summary tab, select the “Serial Number” field, which changes to “Identifier identifier (UDID). Then, from the “Edit” menu, select “Copy”, and you can then paste the UDID number from the clipboard. We also have an illustrated guide document available for download from: How to get the device UDID

The UDID will assist us to determine if a token exists for your device registration. I suspect not, and hence the problem you have run into. If you know the token that was originally used to register the device, please let us know.

Once we have a token reference, the integrator who originally commissioned your system can very easily (remotely) update the device with your design and settings by using our cloud-based service, TPCloud.