You need to receive the following message after registering your device to TPControl- Your token '' has now been reset. If you did not receive the Push Notification on your device, then to update the license on the device:

For Apple or Android devices, please enable the 'Verify device' option within:
Apple: 'Settings -> TPControl' and relaunch TPControl.
Android: 'TPControl -> MENU/Settings' and then exit Settings.
If prompted by 'Settings were changed', simply press 'OK'. You should see 'Device successfully verified' appear briefly as a notification, confirming the license has been applied.

For Windows 8/Windows RT, go to
Windows8/RT: 'TPControl -> (Charm) -> Settings -> Advanced' and then select the 'Token Registration' option. Review the details, and press Submit to complete.
The updated token/license details will have been applied.