Firstly, ensure that your device has unfiltered access to the Internet.
1. Turn on the 'Token Registration' option within 'Settings > TPControl'
2. Launch/Return to TPControl
3. When prompted, enter the following details:
TPC User ID:''

4. Press Submit.
5. When prompted by "Would you like to register this device to the Token?", press Submit again - the device should register and you can close the registration window that appears.

Your AMX Dealer appears to have stored information for your device in TPCloud, so following the registration you may want to return to 'Settings > TPControl' and turn on the 'TPCloud update' option. Then return to TPControl and press OK at the 'Settings were changed' prompt and let the device complete the update.

If the information downloaded is not current for your system, you will need to contact your AMX Integrator and have them update the information.