Every TPControl Token associated with an account can be managed for deployment and updates using our TPCloud website. You can access the TPCloud website directly or via "My Account -> Tokens: TPControl licenses (TPCloud)" from our main website, once you have registered an account. The same login credentials can be used for either site. 

The first time you log into TPCloud you will be presented with a wizard process. Simply follow the dialog until you are presented with "Start Using TPCloud" x2. At that time, a list of any tokens for your account will be available. You can upload TP4 files, configure Settings and deploy updates from TPCloud using Push Messaging. We also have a NetLinx module that can be used to issue device specific Push Messages.

The documentation is available from the Downloads section of our website, which is also included in TPTransfer, our local TP4 transfer utility. Also, our TPC API commands document contains a wealth of information, as well as links to example TP4 files and code to assist in understanding some of the unique features and functionality of TPControl, such as VoiceControl, Multi-TP4 file support and Profile configuration/selection.

When you have time, please also check out the highlighted features from our main website banner, including:
- Window8 support
- Multi-TP4 file support
- Multi-profile support
- VoiceControl (Text-to-speech and Speech-to-Text)
- TPCLockOut (Android), Guided Access for iOS
- Encrypted ICSP support
- TPCloud functionality
- AMX Intercom support

For ease of reference between iOS/Android/Window 8/RT, a product comparison chart is available in the Products section of our website.