Streaming support with an SVSI Encoder

Independently reported to Touch Panel Control, the following information has been provided for use of TPControl with the SVSI N3000 Encoder (NMX-ENC-3121).


The SVSI N3000 Encoder (NMX-ENC-3121) can be used as a preview source for TPControl. As long as HTTP Live output is used. This is supported in all OS’s.

The unit by default setting has ~34 Seconds of latency, but when settings are modified to below, latency is lowered to 11-16 seconds, with an average of 13. I used the encoder at 2000 kbps, with no audio stream

1) On the encoder – Stream Settings:

a. Output Mode – HTTP Live

b. HTTP Live File Duration = 3;

c. Iframe Frequency = 60.

i. Note – Some OS will support lower Iframe frequency (Apple) but others won’t. In a BYOD environment I would recommend 60 – 90.

The default HTTP Live settings will work Out of the Box with TPControl – but latency is about 34 seconds.

No other modes of the encoder work with any of the operating systems.