Is iOS10 supported?

There were no critical issues identified during TPC's testing of TPControl running within Apple's iOS10 beta cycle, and as yet we are not aware of any functional loss/ill affects from updating devices that run TPControl on the now publicly released iOS10.

With that in mind, for people using devices in environments that TPControl is critical to functionality, we would always suggest avoiding updating, unless absolutely necessary - the old adage of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".


Before any update is applied, ensure not only that you backup the device data, but that the following information and resources are available from your AMX Integrator, should any problems occur during the update:

1. Document the TPControl TOKEN value, located in 'Settings > TPControl > Version: TOKEN'

2. Document _all_ TPControl Settings values.

3. Ensure that all UI (TP4) files are available for recommissioning should data be lost as a result of updating.

TPCloud serves as a means for AMX Integrators to preserve/update relevant information for TPControl Settings and UI (TP4 files) for licensed TPControl devices.

Refer to your AMX Integrator for further support and information regarding the TPControl Token value, and whether the integrator has preserved the relevant Settings and UI (TP4 files) for your device.

Touch Panel Control are not responsible for any loss of data that may result from applying either an application update or OS (iOS) update to devices that run TPControl.