Fonts not showing correctly

Fonts that show on AMX panels may not appear correctly or at all within TPControl. due to the fact that they contain non-standard references which make them incompatible across the different TPControl platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows 8 / Windows RT.

One of the common fonts used in AMX integration is the GUI FX/Cons/Transport (original) font which suffers this problem.

Replacement versions are available, with corrected standardised references.

Please download the replacement font files here:

Then use the 'Edit -> Find-Replace' option within TPDesign4 to replace applicable references in your design with the updated font.

e.g. for GuiFX Transports...

'Search Criteria: States: Font: GuiFX Transports'

'Search Scope: Entire Panel'

'Replace Values: States: Font: GuiFX Transports TPC'

You can repeat for 'TP Gui Transports' and 'TP Gui Cons 01' if applicable.