The AMX Authorized Product Partner program (AMX APP or APP program) is a business and licensing framework designed to permit the limited, legal use of AMX intellectual property by third parties to build and market non-AMX branded products and/or govern joint selling of solutions. 

In the case of TPControl, the APP program agreement also ensures the product that both the end-user and dealer are using has been tested to AMX Quality Assurance standards, if not by AMX themselves. Furthermore, support for most, if not all, features of AMX’s Patented ICSP command set are implemented. 

Our APP program agreement also provides deep integration with patented AMX technology to work with current firmware, and is maintained as new firmware and features are made available. This includes, but is not limited to, built-in encryption technologies that can lock-out non-approved applications. Connectivity of the product with current and future AMX control systems is ensured with frequent releases based upon a commitment to continuous product improvement.